Wellbeing Advocate & Leadership Programme

Wellbeing Leadership Programme

This course is aimed at wellbeing leaders and advocates within your organisation

We are proud to promote our innovative programme designed for Wellbeing Advocates, Leaders and Champions. 

The 6-module training provides the knowledge and skills enabling you to lead in creating practices to support wellbeing and to take responsibility for ensuring that the health and wellbeing of employees is prioritised within the workplace.  

On completion of the training, our team will continue to work with you to ensure that the correct procedures, policies, training, and support are in place.

Mental Health Awareness and Signposting

Within this module, you will gain a deep understanding of The Mental Health Continuum, how an individual’s Mental Health can be impacted by both risk factors and protective factors and how to spot the signs of stress – which is always present in any situation of poor mental health, whether it be the cause, a symptom of both. 

We will delve into a range of mental health conditions and look at the symptoms that someone may be experiencing with each condition, and we will also learn to understand that the symptoms of poor mental health are normal and much more effectively dealt with, with early intervention. 

We will look at what help is readily available, how to access it and how to support individuals – and ourselves should we require it.

Stress and Resilience

Stress is the number one cause of sickness and days lost within any workplace. Whether its work-related stress, or from another area of life, and if the stress and has been left untreated and the individual is now experiencing poor mental health or a mental health condition – most commonly anxiety and depression, what we know more than anything is that we need to respond to stress – the earlier, the better, and as much as possible, we need to have preventative measures in place to help reduce the amount of stress individuals are experiencing. 

This module gives a deep understanding of stress and the many problems that can stem from it. 

We look at much more than what do to if you experience stress, we look at what stress is, the causes, how to manage stress but most importantly, how to recognise stress – even in the early stages. 

We know that if everyone can be more aware of stress, what the feel and experience during periods of stress and then understand what effectively works for them, we see a reduction in people struggling and getting to ‘crisis point’ 

By looking at the signs and symptoms and helping each individual understand what stress feels like to them and what works most effectively to reduce those stress levels for them, not only are we enabling individuals to take ownership for their own health and wellness, but we also see a more happy, productive workforce that feels cared for, valued and appreciated

Self-Care and Mindfulness

This module of the programme looks at the importance of self-care. We understand that this is a phrase that is banded around a lot, but when fully understood and looked at from an individual’s point of view, we really see the power of self-care come to life. 

This happens when we take the time to recognise what it is that makes us feel good, brings us joy and helps us to empty our ‘stress container’ and be consistent in this approach. The power of harnessing the practice of mindfulness within this is where we really see the change in people. 

As we like to say: to have more time, you must make time!

Learn how to effectively use these techniques and skills and watch the magic happen.

We also look at the benefits of practising mindfulness regularly as a preventative measure to some mental health conditions and the exciting, new research behind this.

Nutrition and Sleep

2 of the most important factors that we need to consider for our overall wellbeing and health – both physical and mental.

We will look at how good sleep hygiene and the quality of sleep can affect us, along with the benefits of a healthy diet and staying hydrated.

We will also gain an insight into food for health, this part of the module has been written by a nutritionist and health coach.

Movement and Musculoskeletal Health

This module presents the benefits of movement and the enjoyment of movement for all. It does not present the idea of being an avid gym goer, although if that floats your boat – great! The idea of moving, is that is it movement for health, for both a physical health benefit and mental health benefit too. 

Did you know that going for a walk or a run, has been proven to be as effective as medication for depression in some cases?

Even just being outside in nature also has proven benefits for your overall wellbeing and mental health.  

We will also look at posture and pain within this module and look at what measures can be taken to prevent long term musculoskeletal problems and headaches.

Wellbeing For All

The final module of this course looks at how we implement all this training into your organisation to make a real difference to the people and the business. 

We will look at how to present this information and ensure that people have access to readily available help and support, we will look at how to set up events and groups and how to support these and we will understand the benefits of documents that can help us support people at work.

Wellbeing Programme for All 

This programme is a 12week programme suitable for everyone in your organisation

This programme is suitable for every single employee withing any organisation. 

We understand the importance of everybody having their wellbeing taken care of any the organisation they work for, legally and morally workplaces must put measures in pace to prevent emotional and physical harm. But what about letting everyone have some autonomy and ownership over what they need to do to stay well and feel good?

Across this 12-week programme, everyone will have the opportunity to access a 1:1 wellbeing coaching session which will identify what that individual may be struggling with or finding difficult so that we can the signpost them to the correct support and then follow up with them afterwards.  

We will also have regular ‘live’ sessions that employees can tune into from relaxation and mindfulness sessions to stress and resilience workshops and yoga and sleep classes, as well as podcasts and pre-recorded sessions that can be accessed at any time!

Throughout this 12-week programme, employees will also be able to access the opportunity to learn how to set goals and reflect – an important tool for all when looking to stay well and be happy!


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  • We're looking forward to embarking on this program, having already worked with Optimise for the last few years on other wellbeing initiatives and training.
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