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Stress – the most prominent cause of sickness in your organisation.

We all talk about stress and how we need to ‘destress’. We all know what to do to look after ourselves, but are we doing enough?

Did you know that Mental Disorders are the biggest cause of illness in the World?

In 2019, 370 million people globally were suffering from at least 1 mental illness* and this number has continued to rise significantly with Covid being one of the biggest factors of this rise, along with increased use of social media, and loneliness also contributing. 

Stress plays a part in all of this and has an impact on an individual both physically and emotionally. 

We understand that when the body is exposed to prolonged stress or trauma, it responds in the only way in knows how to stay as safe as possible. This is our ‘flight, fright or freeze’ mechanism and this has evolved over time from millions of years ago to aid survival.

What we help you and your team to understand is how to recognise stress – even before it’s caused a problem and how to manage it effectively and easily. We also discuss and investigate resilience and how we can we become more resilient and ideas around this concept.

When employees and teams understand how to recognise and manage stress effectively, we see an increase in self-awareness and confidence and productivity skyrockets due to this. We also see a reduction in problems that occur within teams such as disagreements, absenteeism and feelings of resentment and an increase in retention.

This kind of training can also result in you creating a more ‘open door’ culture to discussing stress, where we see a vast improvement in people being more honest about their struggles much earlier on which sees early intervention take place where the correct support is accessed, therefore resulting in lower sick days.



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  • What a fantastic presentation during our Mental Health & Stress Management Workshop. We are looking forward to working with you again in the future. Kaye Association of Royal Navy Officers
  • These Wellbeing sessions would be a great thing to do with staff on a regular basis 3 or 4 times a year. Rebecca NHS
  • Great presentation, it really put into context how important it is to care for ourselves as well as for others. Hopefully see you next year. Thank you. Kirsty Royal Navy
  • Jo is an excellent trainer, I enjoyed the course, and I am looking forward to putting these new skills to use, thank you. Lisa Somerset Care