Workplace Wellbeing Therapies
Prices start from £300 per day

Our Wellbeing Therapies consist of anything from massage to yoga, relaxation classes to reiki, what’s not to like about having a massage or time to relax at work…sounds blissful right?

But what, we hear you ask, is the benefit of all this from a work perspective…?

Well, let us share the answer and why this has been and continues to be one of our most popular services…

Our therapies are designed to provide your employees with the time to relax and destress in the working day, the benefit of tis is that everyone has the time to stop, relax, offload, and think about whether they are doing enough for themselves to adopt some self-care into their life as we know that self-care and time to destress is the key to staying well. 

The benefits to your organisation: 

  • Less Stress = Less Time Off and a Team of Well and High Performing People
  • Colleagues feeling Valued and Appreciated = Productivity is Increased and Loyalty to your Organisation grows 
  • Leading the Way = Become one of the Trailblazers and Leaders in caring for your Employees and earn an even better Reputation for your Busines, Brand and Product/Services

During our sessions everyone will complete a wellness consultation that is a way of discussing the importance of self-care and get them to think about what they are doing, if they are doing enough of this and ‘check in’ with themselves so that they create some self-awareness and ownership for their own wellness.  

Our wellbeing offering consists of offer seated massage, lie down massage and ‘at your desk’ massage, along with traditional ‘hands off’ healing treatment – reiki, and online and in person relaxation and yoga sessions.

Your wellbeing day, week or month or regular visits can consist of whichever treatments you like, and you can change the package to try a range of different therapies whenever you like!


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What People Say

Happy Customers

Genuine reviews and feedback from clients who have completed this course.
  • I think having Wellbeing Therapy days like this is a lovely chance to say well done to staff. Ebony Somerset Care
  • Very relaxing and very much well needed. Nice to have a quiet time to reflect. Abby NHS
  • The Massage was completely amazing, I would never have believed it was happening in a meeting room. I was in a beautiful and relaxed place. Rachel Somerset Foundation Trust
  • Wonderful, I had never had a Massage before, I had a lot of tightness across my shoulders, and I was given advice how to improve this. Having this at work made me feel really valued by my employer. Mandy NHS