Menopause Awareness Training & Support

Our Menopause Awareness training focuses on educating employees on what menopause is, how to identify symptoms in themselves and others and how it can impact working life. We can help organisations to create an open culture and implement ‘Menopause Friendly’ adjustments to support employees.

How can this training and support help your organisation?

  • Supportive ‘human’ conversations make a huge difference; anyone struggling with symptoms cannot place them aside whilst they continue to work, so having a supportive conversation can make that easier 
  • Equipping line managers to have conversations with team members allows people experiencing menopause to feel supported in the workplace. 
  • Promoting a healthy environment and culture is better for everyone; an open, honest environment means we can all flourish at work. 
  • Enabling women to be their best at work; 1 in 4 report severe symptoms 
  • Awareness: wide-ranging physical and psychological symptoms can feel seriously inhibiting to anyone, especially if they have a senior role which presents multiple demands on concentration and a requirement to manage multiple priorities. 

Why is and Understanding of the Menopause in the Workplace so Important?

  • The female employment rate of 71.4%; the highest since 1971
  • Women outnumber men in 40-49 and 50-59 age groups.
  • Almost one in four (24%) female workers also juggle caring responsibilities 
  • There is a need for older people to stay in the workforce longer. People will need to ensure they have adequate funds to support their longer lives. There is also a policy drive to increase employment among older people, to help support the increased costs of providing health and social care services and State Pension provision that an ageing population brings.


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What People Say

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Genuine reviews and feedback from clients who have completed this course.
  • Excellent course, I didn’t know what to expect but I really enjoyed it. Diane
  • I thought this course would just tick boxes, but I have learned a lot and grown my knowledge. Petula Covenant Care
  • Absolutely amazing and needed. I would really love this and a regular thing. I believe it would boost staff morale 100%. Martina Somerset Care
  • This was the best day I have had at work ever. Investing in Wellbeing shows that our employer cares. Serena Marks & Spencer.